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Sierra Leone, West Africa, is a travel destination reserved only for the most intrepid travellers. While it is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, a lack of updated guidebooks, online booking facilities and general information can make it seem like a daunting place to land in.

But don’t let this deter you. Whether you are here as a tourist or flying in for work, your time in this post-conflict paradise can be made easier with support from Freetown 'Fixer' Ibrahim 'Ibby' Kabia.

Ibby can arrange transport and find you a hotel in Freetown & across Sierra Leone, he can put you in touch with a local celebrity, and he can be your local tour guide - taking you on a Freetown city or beach tour. Ibby can keep your film set running smoothly and he can make sure all of your day-to-day needs are taken care of. And if Ibby can’t ‘fix it’, he's sure to have someone in his vast list of contacts who can.

Ibby works with journalists, film crews, humanitarian aid workers and tourists. He gives you access to places & information that only a Freetown local can.



  • Tour Guide (singles, couples, groups, corporates, freelancers)
  • Hotel Bookings (from abroad or when in Freetown)
  • Transport Bookings 
  • Freetown airport pick-up and Pelican chaperone
  • In-country travel arrangements
  • Government Liaison
  • Media Liaison
  • Film runner & location scout
    Ibby Fixer at home



    • Flat rates for pre-booking travel arrangements and accommodation bookings in Freetown and other areas in Sierra Leone : USD$40
    • Freetown, Lumley airport pick-up with sign, chaperone to Pelican boat and pick-up and transport to hotel: USD$50 (not including Pelican boat fare of USD$40)


    • Day rate (when you are in Freetown) includes arranging transport, currency conversion, liaison and assistance: USD$50
    • Half day (when you are in Freetown) includes arranging transport, currency conversion, liaison and assistance: USD$40
    • Weekly rate: (when you are in Freetown) includes arranging transport, currency conversion, liaison and assistance USD$250
    • Monthly rates and ongoing services are negotiable
    *Payment method cash: US dollars or Sierra Leonean leone equivalent

    Ibby played a pivotal role as part of the Freetown Fashpack Runners operations crew at the Sierra Leone Marathon in Makeni, May 2013.


    “As an ex-pat working in Freetown as a freelance consultant and director of a social enterprise, I am frankly unable to function without Ibby. He is my right-hand man and when it comes to making logistical arrangements he is reliable, efficient and a great person to have around. I have used his services on several film shoots and the visiting crews have found him a delight to work with. No task is too challenging for Ibby, he is your man”
    Jo - Freetown, Sierra Leone

    "As a filmmaker, I cannot recommend Ibby enough as an all-round asset to any film shoot in Sierra Leone.  He has invaluable insider knowledge, is efficient and trustworthy and will always go the extra mile for you.  All in all, he made my experiences of shooting in the country a million times easier and much more fun.  More importantly, Ibby is friendly, cheerful and a wonderful guy to have around.  His rates are extremely reasonable and a small price to pay for the peace of mind he provides."
    Leanne - London, United Kingdom

    "When I arrived in Freetown I was exhausted after travelling 34 hours from Australia and I was overwhelmed by the noise & chaos. What could have become a stressful experience, quickly became a fun adventure, as I was greeted by Ibby's big, welcoming smile at the Pelican wharf. I needed transport, a mobile phone & I needed to exchange money - Ibby to the rescue! My time in Sierra Leone was a truly amazing experience with many, many thanks to Ibby. Tenki Tenki Ibby, I hope to visit you again in Sierra Leone very soon!"
    Ange - Sydney, Australia

    "Everyone in Freetown tells you that it is not easy. And they’re right. So it’s lucky that when we were filming there we had Ibby on our side. He makes all the little problems go away. Ibby is also a seriously good bloke and, even better, he’s an Arsenal fan".
    Benn - Sydney, Australia

    "If you need anything in Freetown, Ibby is your man! I spent a month in Freetown in May, 2013 and Ibby helped me get a phone, find an ATM that worked, taught me how to get a taxi (not that straight forward) and also showed me the sights from a local's perspective. Ibby was a huge help in organising a fundraising party we held and also was indispensable at the Makeni Marathon where we took over 40 runners to compete. Also, he is a really nice guy!"
    Meghan - Toronto, Canada 


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